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If you have any questions related to the service offered by dating portal PolishSouls check a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not find an answer to your question please use the link to contact form located at the bottom of the page.
Customer service operator will contact you within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I managed to register my login and password and I can't log in.
    There is an information displayed that login or password are incorrect?
    We sent an automated message with activation link on to the e-mail address entered during registration. Please check your e-mail address and click on the activation link.
  2. I have not received message with activation link?
    Please check spam folder in your e-mail box. Some less known e-mail services do not accept messages that are sent automatically. If you can't find activation link in your e-mail we recommend a free e-mail account on reputable sites such as Google GMAIL.COM
  3. I tried everything but all the time I can't log in.
    It seems that my login and password do not work?
    Please use the appropriate link Remind password - as a reminder to change your password. Link is located below the type the password field on the welcome page
  4. How do I add a profile photo?
    Once you have successfully logged on to PolishSouls press the Add Photo button in the navigation bar at the top of the screen, or in the menu on the left-hand side. Then press Browse to select a photo from your computer's hard drive. If you have selected the picture press the Add Photo button. After approval by moderator picture will be visible in your profile.
  5. Picture has been rejected by moderator?
    Each time after the rejection of picture by moderator you will receive a comment what needs to be changed in the picture to be accepted. Please add a picture showing the actual appearance: a clear picture of you face . Photos containing pornographic content , abusive , offensive or containing contact information will not be accepted.
  6. I finished adding pictures but I don't see them in my profile?
    Each picture must be accepted by moderator for maximum safety of users . Time for such acceptation is usually from 1 to a maximum of 12 hours.
  7. How can I change the login on PolishSouls?
    Because of the security reasons portal users do not have the ability to change their logins. We recommend deleting your account and creating new one with different login. To delete your account please contact us using a contact form.
  8. I got a message from another user but its profile is currently
    locked and does not respond to my messages?
    Account lockout in PolishSouls occurs only in the case of a specific breach of the principles of its rules and procedures. If the account of user that had attempted to contact you has been permanently disabled? Due to your safety it is strongly recommended that you do not communicate with such user in any form outside portal.
  9. How can I pay for PREMIUM ACCOUNT?
    Payments can be made using any credit card. Both credit and debit card. We are working with a secure payments system approved by the issuer of your card.
  10. What is the difference between PREMIUM account and VIP account ?
    VIP ACCOUNT allows users which do not have PREMIUM ACCOUNT to write you a message. This is a very practical advantage. VIP account has all of the advantages of PREMIUM ACCOUNT.
  11. Do users without active PREMIUM ACCOUNT may use the Portal and send messages?
    Yes. Users without PREMIUM ACCOUNT may use all FREE portal features . They can send virtual kisses , smiles , invitations to coffee , etc. as well as ready-made text messages or messages containing only emoticons. Sending a message with any text content created solely by user for example, containing contact information requires the purchase of Premium account.
  12. When I try to pay, a card payment system is asking me to enter a code: CVV / Security Code?
    CVV Code is an additional security feature introduced by card payment system to ensure even more effective protection of online transactions . CVV / Security Code is always located at the back of your card or in the field where you can find your physical signature. These are 3 digits appearing there. If for example code on payment card looks like this 7369 807 - Your CVV is 807.
  13. Is my credit card number and other personal data secure?
    Yes. Portal PolishSouls works with renowned internet payment system with your credit card issuer accreditation ( Visa, MasterCard, American Express ) . Your data at any time will not be shared with third parties and the transaction is encrypted.
  14. I’m receiving messages from the user from which I do not want to receive messages. What can I do?
    Use the button Add to the black list after you log in to your account is visible on the card of the user. You can as well send a complaint to portal moderator using our contact form. We then send a notice to the user and in case of further complaints the account of such user is permanently locked. We are committed to providing highest-quality virtual communication experience.
  15. Why do I have to pay for PREMIUM ACCOUNT?
    Portal PolishSouls specializes in connecting people in pairs. Charges for PREMIUM ACCOUNT shall be allocated to an advertising campaign in the Internet and also outside the network in order to reach the greatest possible number of people looking for lone related soul. By buying PREMIUM ACCOUNT your maximizing your chances to find a perfect partner.
  16. Who can use PolishSouls?
    An online dating Portal PolishSouls is dedicated to persons over 18 years old. Person below this threshold may not use the Portal without supervision of an adult.

If you have any questions related to the website, Please use the Contact Form